Christmas Pudding Fundraiser

As the Christmas decorations start creeping into the shops and the festive season edges nearer, we are keen to introduce a little Club fundraiser that aims to raise some much needed funds for our junior section and bring a little festive fun to all.

We are working in partnership with the ‘Ultimate Plum Pudding Company’ to create a selection of festive Puddings that are emblazoned with ‘BromBeck’ character. With 3 different choices of Pudding and a couple of luscious butter sauces to accompany the desserts, we invite you to join in the festive spirit and help us raise a little money.

The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company has over 30 years experience of making great tasting puddings, supplying to stores like Fortnum & Mason and Lakeland. Their range of splendid sponge puddings are ambient with an average 6 month shelf life, so purchases don’t have to be just for Christmas.

We have secured a four week ordering window to get all orders back in time before Christmas. The deadline for final orders is Wednesday 16th November, with orders ready for collection 3 weeks later. We will advise once orders are ready for collection. You’ll find a list of the puddings & sauces on offer, as well as a price list. The more puddings we order the more discounts we receive; so don’t hold back when ordering!

Place your individual orders by emailing, specifying your exact requirements from the list below. We will invoice you individually on receipt of your order, providing online account details to credit.


Pudding & Sauce Options

Christmas Pudding - The Ultimate Plum Pudding

The award winning Ultimate Plum Pudding is available in 3 sizes and in both No Gluten and Alcohol Free versions. There’s a good balance of ingredients so flavours don't fight or dominate each other. The result is a light, sweet (but not too sweet), luxuriously delicious, celebratory pudding. 

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Our incredibly popular Sticky Toffee Pudding is really gorgeous pud with a lusciously squidgy top. A touch of salt in the caramel sauce prevents over-sweetness. Like all sponges it keeps for 6-8 months.

Triple Chocolate Pudding

Our Triple Chocolate is made with lots of melted Belgian chocolate and fine dark French cocoa powder. Coupled with Chocolate chips and a chocolate liqueur to give it that real finishing touch!

Brandy and Rum Butters

We also offer a luscious Brandy Butter to melt over your scrumptious pudding. Made with unsalted sweet cream butter, icing sugar, a little coarser sugar for a hint of crunch, a hint of lemon and nutmeg and as much brandy as it will take without splitting. Our Brandy Butter comes in 190g jars.

Also available is a Classic Rum Butter. A Cumbrian classic - darker sugar, a little orange and lots of dark rum.    

Luxury Sauces

Sticky Toffee pudding - Developed for those who can’t get enough of our Sticky Toffee puddings; spectacularly creamy but not too sweet. It has a fudge like texture when cold - perfect for decorating cakes. 
Luxury Chocolate Sauce - The gorgeously rich Chocolate Sauce is packed with cocoa mass, real Belgian melted chocolate, further boosted with fine French full flavoured cocoa powder.

On behalf of the fundraising committee, we’d like to thank our members and parents for their continued support. We wish you a great festive period and continued success throughout the season.