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The International Gay & Lesbian Field Hockey Federation (I.G.L.F.H.F.), or simply PinkHockey, was launched to give every gay, lesbian or bisexual field hockey player a chance to be him- or herself on and around the hockey pitch - in every sense of the word.

PinkHockey maintains contacts with other (gay, lesbian or regular) field hockey organisations, sports organisations and federations. One of the mean goals of PinkHockey is to organize each year a Worldwide Gay & Lesbian field hockey tournament during a event like the Gay Games. We intend to compete in several tournaments, with our main aim being to compete at the Euro Games, Gay Games and Outgames. During this tournaments participants are welcomed from all over the world to join not only the hockey tournament, but especially the social aspects and the parties during this events.

Everyone is welcome to join PinkHockey - gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, makes no difference. The colour of your skin, hair or eyes as well as your religion, beliefs, race, age, gender or the way you want to dress or choose to live are not an issue, as long you are a field hockey player or a fan of the game you are more than welcome to join. PinkHockey has players from England, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, USA, Belgium, India, Kenya, Romania and Argentina

There are PinkHockey teams active in the regular competition in Argentina, Australia & England. In Denmark, Germany, New Zealand and Holland there are so called touring teams, which compete in the PinkHockey tournaments.

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