AGM 2013 - Minutes

BromBeck Hockey AGM - 21st May 2013


Attendees: 25 members were present
Charles Darby, Jo Read, Chris Harris, Liz Hawkins, Charlotte Ridout, Sarah Jones, Sue French, John Sammons, Bob Beaumont, Rob Truslow, Alan Page, George Johnson, Neville Wharton, Dan Blackman, Andy Willis, Michael Bluett, Nick Bluett, Tara Woodward, Dan Walsh, Ben Jones, Sam Djavit.

Apologies: John Gilder, Graham Butler, Katie Burr, Emma Greenway


Minutes passed

  • Chairman‘s report- the club is working well day to day.
  • 1 more men’s team next year. 5 ladies teams remain, some issues ladies coach
  • We want to be an NL club.
  • Biggest cost pitch hire, LPGS in terrible state we will work with school to look at part finance. Boys school lights will be in soon
  • Need clubs first to secure more £
  • Look  for consistent kit next year
  • Need to work better with juniors


  • Looks positive (+12k) but we need to make a contribution to the central club, first years we’ve been able to make a positive contribution.
  • Expenses will not vary much YOY. Pitch fees may increase with the use of the boys pitch.
  • We need bigger benefactors to compete with local NL teams, to pay players and coaches.
  • Propose paying subs to hockey account then remit to main club, allows better monitoring. Proposed and seconded.



  • Secretary: Jo Mansfield approved
  • Ladies Club Captain: Sarah Jones and Sue Scott. Agree to split and approved.
  • Add men’s 1st XI rep to the committee.



  • Kit update: Following a lengthy discussion we agreed to keep going and only look for an off the rack tracksuit. Have a come try on kit evening. Committee to understand costs and see if there is any subsidy around to members.
  • Chris club can looks help1st team with kit costs given they bought a kit last be reviewed by committee.
  • Thank Charles for all his efforts.
  • Thank Jo for all the finance work.
  • Looking for more volunteers esp around sponsorship.
  • Thanks to all committee

Meeting closed at 21:30