Are you interested in getting into coaching?

Following the latest Premier League mauling by clubs from foreign fields - do you think you could do better?  Do you think you could the tactics right where Wenger and Pelligrini came up short?  Are you the next Pep Guardiola?  Even if your ambitions are slightly lower, do you feel that your team could play better? Could you offer some insightful comments at half time? Would you like to?

If so - there might be a coach hiding inside you!

As a club we are looking to increase the number of coaches at our club, could this be you?  Age is no barrier - young or old are welcome.  Being a coach is not hard or difficult (in fact it is rather easy - but don't tell anyone!) it is really good fun and fantastically rewarding.  You get to meet lots of people, and you will never be short of a beer in the bar again! You might even be able to earn a few pounds along the way!!  

If you are unsure what is involved - please drop me a line (, and I can explain what it entails and how it works. If you would like to "try before you buy" - you can always come down to help out with coaching a junior session one Sunday morning and see how much fun it is. On a serious note - the club will fund the fees for anyone who wants to become a coach - all we ask is that you help out with coaching in some way.

Come and join the BromBecks coaching team!