Club Membership Cards

We have a large supply of new membership cards in the office which can be issued to members pretty quickly as they no longer have a picture printed on the card – the picture now appears when the bar staff swipe the card on the till.
To get a membership card, members need to be fully paid up over 18 social or section members (e.g. hockey) and provide a passport style photo to the email address.  Please ensure the picture is a good likeness as this is used to verify your identity when buying drinks and use the subject “membership card” so it can be quickly identified.  Also include your name and date of birth for ease of identification on the system.
Members can top up their membership card with a minimum of £50 and then receive a discount on all drinks purchases, it also saves carrying cash when at the club.
We would like all members to carry their membership card when on the club site, as those drinking at the club must be guests (limit of 4 visits per year and must be signed in by a member – visitor book behind the bar), a member of a visiting sports team / club (including umpires and spectators) or a club member.  This is a requirement of our licence to serve alcohol.