Parking at Langley

As many of you who’ve played at Langley so far this side of Christmas may have noticed by now, the double yellow lines which were causing so many problems with parking, have been removed by the council. A huge thank you to Tommy Hamilton for arranging and bringing it to the council’s attention. Turns out they shouldn’t have been put down in the first place!

That leads me onto something unfortunate with a spate of recent break-ins to vehicles in the Langley and Club Langley car parks. I’m sure it’s pretty obvious but DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN SIGHT OR IN YOUR CARS, make sure you take everything with you and that includes not simply moving your bags, valuables or handbags (guys) into the boot. There are many people around on evenings and weekends and it may be as simple as you being seen doing it.

Captains, can you make sure you re-iterate this with your teams and the opposition captains so we can try and prevent this from happening again. It’s happened on both training evenings and Saturdays. The police and schools have been informed and they’re looking into it. They’ll revert back to us with a solution shortly.